How to buy

Thank you for your accessing to our home page.

Let us explain about the procedure for product purchasing as follows:

  1. Click your favorite brand name on the left side of top page.
  2. Then the page jumps to the list page indicated all product of its brand.
  3. Click the photo of your favorite product.
  4. So the details of the product are indicated. On this page, click “商品に 関するお問い合わせ” (means “inquiry about the product”) button.
  5. When click this button, the order form is indicated. So please input your following information:
    • Your name  
    • Your e-mail address  
    • Your telephone number  
    • Contents of your inquiry (comments of your order for the product such as size, color and so on)
  6. When we receive your inquiry, we check the stock of the product and inform you the status.
  7. Only Paypal shall be available for the payment of your ordered products.
  8. And also, only EMS shall be available for the delivery of your ordered products. Shipping charge by EMS is customer’s burden.

Please note that if the custom duty is necessary for the delivery, it is customer’s burden.


  • We cannot send abroad items "THE REAL McCOY'S" and "IRON HEART".
  • We cannot accept returns due to customer's personal preference.